Supported employment consists in employing a person with disability in an open labour market company, training them in their work position and supporting them in maintaining their job for as long as they need.
According to this concept, the key focus is on the disabled person, their individual needs and opportunities determining the scope and type of the support provided. Everyone has different needs, therefore the proposed measures are specific and tailor-made.
There are three main areas of the support provided:


A person who takes advantage of Supported Employment services will have the opportunity to:

  • get a fully-paid job in the open labour market, with a work position tailored to their aspirations and competencies,
  • be employed in an integrated environment on the basis of previously fixed arrangements with the employer. The employee will be entitled to remuneration equal to that of other workers performing the same tasks.

The key role in the whole process is that of the job coach — a professional who provides individualised assistance and support at each stage the process: job finding, employment, monitoring the quality of the performed tasks.

At the same time, the service of Supported Employment provides comprehensive and multidimensional support as it requires cooperation between the job coaches, vocational advisors and psychologists.

In compliance with the main values and rules of Supported Employment , we implement a five-step support procedure for our disabled clients in Poland: