Supported Employment is a free-of-charge service targeted at open labour market employers who:

  • Search for loyal and committed employees
  • Are willing to employ a person with disability.

Supported employment assumes a joint effort with the aim of accommodating and maintaining the employee’s work position.

A job coach cooperates with the employer and the disabled job seeker and:

  • conducts a recruitment process matching a candidate with a job position by identifying their skills and predispositions, e.g. by the means of work samples and traineeships in a given job position;
  • familiarises the employee with the scope of their tasks and provides direct help in performing on-the-job duties directly after recruitment (depending on individual needs);
  • provides support for the employee and help in adaptation to their work environment;
  • prepares the employees’ workmates for their cooperation with the disabled person;
  • monitors the performance of the employee — regular contact with and availability of the job coach during the whole period of employment is required;
  • undertakes intervention measures if there are any problems with work performance, changes to the scope of tasks, etc;
  • provides organisational and legal help in terms of employee’s needs connected with the work performance of the disabled person;
  • supports the employee in obtaining information about funding opportunities.



The benefits for employers giving job to people with disabilities as part of Supported Employment include the following:

  • Acquisition of a well-prepared and motivated worker;
  • Brand development of their enterprise; social responsibility;
  • Improvement of the atmosphere in the workplace;

Access to considerable financial incentives.

Supported employment service constitutes a real opportunity for achieving


through an efficient accommodation of the workplace and on-going support from the job coach.